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An update from across Frankston and Mornington Peninsula....

It’s been a little while between posts, and a lot has been happening here in Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula. So, this week I thought I’d provide an update from areas across both Police Service Areas.

Operation Kiss n Go kicked off on the Mornington Peninsula on 15 April. This operation targets road safety in and around school zones. Our STOP (Social Tasking Operations Patrol) Teams will be out patrolling identified problem areas around these zones, to ensure children get to and from school safely.

As part of Operation Kiss n Go, our STOP Team officers will be focusing on road safety around school zones.

We’ve mentioned our STOP Teams on the blog before but, for our newer readers who might be wondering who these officers and and what they do, these teams are the latest initiative to come from a partnership between Victoria Police and Mornington Peninsula Shire Council (Community Response Engagement), with support from McDonalds Mornington, Hasting and Rosebud and Subway Restaurants.

As part of Operation Kiss n Go, our STOP Teams will not only target excessive speed, mobile phone use and illegal parking, but also non-compliance with the road rules - including children who are riding bikes unsafely.

Just on that issue - our STOP Teams will also be rewarding children who are good role models. Those children who wear their helmets and obey the road rules.

Police are committed to striving for a safer community through road safety and, in particular, want to see more children wearing bike helmets. So, please make sure your child is wearing theirs whenever they jump on their bikes.

Victoria Police Youth Corp members marching in the Mornington ANZAC Day parade last week.

In other news, Victoria Police Youth Corps members from Mornington and Mt Eliza Secondary Colleges came together to participate in the Mornington ANZAC Day Parade last week (pictured, above). This year marks the seventh year that Mornington has marched in the parade, and the second year that Mt Eliza has marched in the parade. Seventy-five Victoria Police Youth Corps students participated on the day, with about 100 parents also attending to observe the days proceedings. Thank you to all who came along!

Have you liked us on Facebook yet?

If you're a social media fan, you may have heard that last week marked the launch of the Frankston Police Service Eyewatch page. Through this page, we hope to build stronger communication lines and improve our engagement with you – our community. Have you liked the page yet? We’ll be posting updates on a regular basis, so please feel free to ask us a question.

Danny Dobell
Acting Snr Sgt

If you drink and drive, you will be caught.

When most people picture a Random Breath Testing (RBT) site, they see a booze bus, witches hats, several marked police cars and half-a-dozen uniform police officers conducting random alcohol and drug tests on busy roads and major thoroughfares.

What some people may not be aware of is the fact that police regularly conduct random alcohol and drug tests on a much smaller scale. RBT sites can be highly mobile, and often target hotspots at any time of the day or night.

Recently, police officers from the Mornington Peninsula Community Response Engagement and Social Tasking team (CREST) conducted one of these operations in a quiet suburban street in Mount Eliza.
These operations are conducted daily within the Peninsula and, chances are, one day you’ll be intercepted.

Random Breath Testing plays an important role in Victoria Police’s commitment to reducing the alcohol and drug-related road trauma across the state and in our community. So, next time you’ve had a couple of drinks and think you can drive home on the back roads to evade police, don’t kid yourself. If you drink and drive, you will be caught.

Please be safe on our roads. If you’re not sure if you’ve had too much to drink, play it safe. Just don’t drive.

Danny Dobell
Acting Senior Sergeant

A not quite textbook jet ski launch

One of the best things about being a Victoria Police officer is the variety in your work. One day, I'll be dealing with a shoplifter. The next, I'll be assisting a member of the public who has had a little reverse parking issue.

Last month, members from Frankston Uniform responded to an incident at the boat ramp at Olivers Hill, where a very red faced member of the public had reversed his jet ski trailer a little too far into the water. As a result, the vehicle was completely swamped.

The vehicle was, in fact, so swamped by the high tide that members of the Victoria Police Search and Rescue Squad were called on to dive and retrieve the vehicle and enable it to be towed from Port Phillip Bay.

Thankfully, no one was injured. However, not quite the same can be said about the late model Ford XR6 - which was a write-off.

We can all take a few simple but important lessons out of this - one, remember to be mindful when reversing down a boat ramp and two, be mindful of tides. ...and ALWAYS remember to look out if unsure.

Danny Dobell
Acting Senior Sergeant

Frankston Police to cycle more than 500km for Frankston Hospital

Frankston Police officers will this month cycle more than 500km to raise money for the Frankston Hospital, as part of the annual Murray to Moyne charity bicycle relay.

The team will leave the Murray River in Echuca on 6 April to cycle 520km in 24 hours to the Moyne River in Port Fairy.

Teams can elect to raise money for one of their local health services. Our intrepid team has nominated Frankston Hospital, and we're hoping to raise a few thousand dollars - primarily for the hospital's paediatric ward.

The team - ready to hit the pedals!
I hope you'll join us in cheering on the Frankston component of the team (pictured, above): Leading Senior Constable Amber Saunders; Leading Senior Constable Andrew Chiodo; Sergeant Blair Jeanes; Leading Senior Constable Craig Goudy; Leading Senior Constable Darren Cathie; Leading Senior Constable Kathy Squire; Leading Senior Constable Naomi Isbister; and myself, Sergeant Ken Hardie.

Want to know more about the ride and it's history? More information is available here.

If you feel like donating a small amount, click here. Our team is number is 3199 (Frankston's Postcode) and we're called Kathie's Clowns.

Ken Hardie

Remove it, lock it or lose it!

Usually, the last thing we do when we leave our house is ensure the front door is locked. Yet, for some reason, so many people in our community leave their cars unlocked.

Over the last few days, we’ve experienced a spate of theft from motor car offences - all of which could have been avoided had their owners simply locked their vehicles!

This is a small sample of those thefts reported to police which required a report and investigation:

Vehicle 1
Camera stolen from passenger side foot well when owner went into bakery, car was left unlocked.

Vehicle 2
Cash stolen from vehicles parked in garage. Garage door left open and vehicles unlocked.

It’s very frustrating for police because these offences are so preventable.

Recently, members from the Mornington Peninsula – CREST Team conducted an operation to prevent such offences in the Hastings area. As part of the operation, a leaflet was placed on any vehicle which potentially could be the subject of a theft.

Although locked, this vehicle (pictured, below) had an expensive Sat Nav device sitting on the passenger seat in clear - an invitation for a would-be thief.

So, how can you reduce your chances of being a victim of theft from motor vehicles?

Thieves target property left in vehicles (including property left in cars parked in driveways).

  • Lock your vehicle
  • Don’t leave windows down or ajar
  • Remove all valuables from vehicle including GPS devices, sunglasses, coins, laptops, mobile telephones, iPods, jewellery, handbags and tools.
  • Mark or engrave your property with the letter V and your drivers licence number.  This helps us to return located property to its rightful owner.

For further advice please contact the Crime Prevention Officer at Frankston – Leading Senior Constable Sharon Coburn - on 9784 5639, or Rosebud - Leading Senior Constable Julie Simpson - on 5986 0444.

Danny Dobell
Acting Senior Sergeant

The Victoria Police Youth Drum and Flag Corps at Moomba

Did you go along to the Moomba Parade in the city the other weekend?

The Victoria Police Youth 'Drum and Flag' Corps from Mornington Secondary College were among those who performed in the parade - marking the sixth straight year they have taken part. The group is made up of 32 students, a police officer and a teacher from the school. It is interesting to hear the comments from the crowd as the 'corps' march by. You often hear comments like,  "Aren't those police getting younger and younger?".  The age range of the students in this year’s parade was from about 13 to 16 years.
The Moomba Parade isn’t the only festival the Drum and Flag Corps takes part in. On Australia Day this year they performed at not one but FIVE different ceremonies! The busy schedule took them from Dromana, to Sorrento, Queenscliff, back to Sorrento and, finally, to Mornington.

Have you ever seen the Drum and Flag Corps perform? Where would you like to see them play next?

Mick Mears
Leading Senior Constable

Check road closures ahead of the Ironman Asia-Pacific Championships

Melbourne has a reputation as one of the world's great sporting cities and, this weekend, the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix will take place at Albert Park. The Grand Prix is one of the many sporting events that are run in our region and the police - in partnership with numerous other organisations - will work to make sure that it is an event that is run safely and enjoyed by those who choose to attend.

Next weekend, it will be our turn in Frankston to host a major sporting event, when the Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship returns to Melbourne, beginning on the Frankston foreshore.  I hope everyone who comes to compete, support competitors and run the event enjoys our city and hospitality.

We've reviewed last year's event and, in conjunction with event organisers and a number other organisations, we plan to reduce the impact of the road closures. However, like all major events there will be a some disruption.  The Ironman event will see significant road closures and diversions.

If you are planning on coming into Frankston or driving through Frankston, you may want to visit the VicRoads website, to plan your travel.

Good luck to all those who involved in this major event.

Matt Mulcahy
Senior Sergeant

Want to know what's been happening in Frankston and Mornington Peninsula?

Policing an area as diverse as Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula is more complex that it may seem. Tasks have to be prioritised and dealt with to ensure our service to the community meets expectations.

Here are few recent snap shots of our STOP teams and other police officers ticking off a few of these tasks.

Hundreds of children at the Teddy Bear Picnic at George Pentland Botanical Gardens were treated to a tour of one of our Highway Patrol vehicles.

Reservist Marlie Schmitz and Constable Kenton Matthews were among those who went along to the George Pentland Botanical Gardens for the Teddy Bear Picnic.  Hundreds of local children were entertained by a variety of performers, including the Victoria Police Band. One of our Highway Patrol vehicles was also among the displays. Sadly, I'm disappointed to report that Constable T Bear did not win any awards this year!

Constable Pearce and Constable O'Brien answer your questions live on RPP Radio at the Seaford United Family Fun Day.

Thanks to Constable Matt Pearce for sending in this photo – from the recent Seaford United Family Fun Day. Constable Pearce, together with Constable O’Brien (pictured, above), took time at the event to answer questions live on RPP Radio, show plenty of kids through the police sedan and speak to families who came along.

Our Mornington STOP Team have been speaking to the second-hand dealers to identify any emerging crime trends.

In Mornington, Senior Constable Neil Prosser and Senior Constable Chris Zurek have been out in the community investigating property crimes, burglary and theft from motor cars in their area. Speaking to second hand dealers in areas where crimes have been committed helps to keep us up-to-date with any emerging crime trends. It also has an impact on the incidence of crime in our community.

We’ve said it on the blog before, but unlocked cars with valuables left in them continues to be one of the drivers of crime.

This message - from Constable Matt Davey of the Frankston Stop Team - shows where their focus has been over the past few days.

"These photos are of the STOP Team speaking with two persons of interest on Wells Street, Frankston as part of Operation Lavar. Operation Lavar aims to target recidivist offenders in the CBD.  We are targeting weapons, drugs, outstanding warrants and other public order issues. 

As you can see from the photo below, we conducted a pat down search, and located a dangerous article. The offender will receive a summons to attend court for that offence, and for using offensive language. He has also been given a direction to move away from the CBD. Operation Lavar is a joint operation between Frankston Police and the Sherriff’s Office."

This man received a summons to attend court

Leading Senior Constable Brian Cunial
….and here we have Leading Senior Constable Brian Cunial (pictured, above), one of our Tactical Intelligence Officers. LSC Cunial is taking another look at the problem we have in some of the back beach car parks: thieves targeting unattended vehicles. He also made a quick site assessment on one of our glorious early autumn days.

These are just a few of the hundreds of tasks we tick off each week. Do you have an issue in your area that you think we can address?  If so, you can comment here or contact your local police station to discuss it.  I'm sure we can help.

Matt Mulcahy
Senior Sergeant

Well done to S/C Teresa Baker!

We’ve mentioned her on the blog before, so you may recognise the name. Today, it's my pleasure to announce that Senior Constable Teresa Baker – our Youth Resource Officer at Rosebud Police Station - was recently awarded Lions Club Australia's prestigious Melvin Jones Fellowship!

Senior Constable Teresa Baker accepting her award recently

Senior Constable Baker has supported troubled young people in the Mornington Peninsula for the past 22 years.

The Melvin Jones Fellowship is an international award that is presented to about six Australians annually - and is rarely handed to a non-Lions Club member.

The names of Melvin Jones Fellowships are displayed at the Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) headquarters in Chicago, United States of America.

Senior Constable Baker has been involved in the Rosebud Football Club and was president of the Rye junior football team for many years as well as the Rosebud and McCrae lifesaving clubs.

She is also involved in the Southern Peninsula football team, which allows boys aged 16 and over with a learning or physical disability to compete in football.

When we spoke to Senior Constable Baker this week – she said the honour was unexpected and that she loved to contribute to the community and see rewards for communities.

Rosebud's Acting Senior Sergeant Steven McRae described Senior Consable Baker as a "tremendous asset" to the station and Victoria Police, and had this for the blog:

"Senior Constable Baker consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty in her efforts to help youth steer clear from being in contact with the criminal justice system..

"We here at Rosebud are all extremely proud of her and I felt privileged to be present when she was given the award."

I hope you’ll all join me in congratulating Senior Constable Baker on this great achievement. Well done, Teresa!

Matt Mulcahy
Senior Sergeant

Working together to prevent crime

The Frankston STOP Team has been busy lately. With all of this warm weather bringing more people out and about, it's given the team plenty of opportunities to speak to you in your communities.

Maybe you've spotted the team at the train station recently (pictured, above)?

As you can see, sometimes the request for assistance is a simple as a photo!

The STOP Team has spent a lot of time in and around the local shopping centre, ensuring that those who gather in these public areas don’t negatively impact on workers or other shoppers. Things like smoking, swearing, the consumption of alcohol, and riding bikes and skate boards can cause issues for other people working in or using these public places. Our role as police is two-fold. We enforce the law, but we also speak with the youth and other users of public areas to determine the issues that they encounter in these spaces. We'd much rather deal with an issue before it becomes a problem.

The foreshore has also been a focus for the team in recent weeks. Sand sculpting is one event that draws people to the area, and Constable Adam Pagrm (pictured, below) visited the site again this week.

But, whether our members are helping out at the Mornington Races - like Senior Constable Brett White (pictured, below)....

...or if they are on patrol in Frankston North - like Constable Serena Wilkins and Constable Shane Smith (pictured, below)...

....they are working towards making your community safer - in your streets, in your public places and in your homes.

So, if you have an issue that you think we have a role in resolving, please raise it with us - either on the street when you see a STOP Team, by posting a message here on our blog, or by getting in contact with your local station.

Please remember: we're keen to hear your feedback on the blog. But, crime must be reported to your local station and - in the event of an emergency - it's important to contact Triple Zero (000).

Matt Mulcahy
Senior Sergeant

Help keep our community safe this summer

The seasons have an impact on what we have to deal with as police, and summer has its own challenges.

Our STOP teams have had to deal with a few of those challenges over the past week, and the Frankston STOP team has sent in a few photos of themselves out in the field.

Operation Firesetter is the Victoria Police bushfire arson prevention and detection operation. The Frankston STOP team is just one of the units contributing to this operation, to keep our community safe this summer. They are on patrol in areas where fires have been lit in the past, and areas that are at risk.

Constable O'Donnell at the Seaford Nature Reserve
This little fella was happy to have his photo taken with the team when they were patrolling Langwarrin Skate Park and its surrounds.

These patrols involve police checking vehicles and people to make sure that they are not getting into any mischief. Our members record the details of the checks and chat to the people they meet to ensure they remain vigilant in reporting any suspicious behaviour.

I ask you all to help out by telling us if you see anything suspicious, particularly during our hot weather.

Another issue this summer has thrown up is the theft of personal property on the beaches. Our STOP teams regularly patrol our beaches because w've had a number of incidents where people have returned from a swim to find their valuables disturbed and stolen. Car break-ins in beach car parks is another issue we're focusing on.  Please be mindful of keeping your valuables hidden when going to the beach, and look out for each other. If you see anyone acting suspiciously - whether that's going through property on the beach or hanging around in car parks - call us immediately.

We have a fantastic natural environment in Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula.  Let's continue to work together to ensure it stays safe and enjoyable, so that everyone can enjoy it.

If you have something to tell us, please call your local police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Inn an emergency, contact Triple Zero (000).

Matt Mulcahy
Senior Sergeant

Our road safety pledge for 2013

Road safety is an issue that we are always focused on and - at this time of year - with increased numbers on our local roads, it's important that that we remain vigilant.

Last year, we saw some positive results on our roads, with a reduction in both the number of fatalities and serious injury collisions occurring in our community. While that's great, there's still plenty to do. Even with a the number of collision reducing, we still have families grieving and people struggling to recover from injuries sustained in road accidents.

With that in mind, police in Frankston and on the Mornington Peninsula have started the year with a number of targeted road policing operations. We'll be conducting enforcement activities around speed, alcohol and safety issues. We'll continue to target those road users who habitually break the law, and those drivers who make the roads unsafe for everyone around them.

Sgt Peter Martin from the Rosebud Highway Patrol has just conducted one such operation.

He prepared this message for our blog readers in Frankston and on the Mornington Peninsula:

"Last month, Rosebud Highway Patrol members ran a joint operation with VicRoads vehicle examiners and the Sheriff in the vicinity of the Rye Pier car park, targeting those in the community who fail to obey their Sheriff obligations, or drive unsafe and unroadworthy cars.

Sheriff Officers were able to execute a number outstanding warrants and recover unpaid fines.

VicRoads officers - in conjunction with Rosebud Highway Patrol members - issued 32 defect notices. Several cars were in such poor condition that they were immediately grounded and towed away.

A total of 28 penalty notices were issued for roadworthy and licensing offences.

Of particular concern was a vehicle that had the drivers seat supported by a concrete block (pictured, above), as well as several cars that had no tread on their tyres - some even had 'wire' sticking out of the tyre circumference!!

This is an ongoing operation that will be repeated in the near future."

So, with this in mind, please drive safely, and make 2013 our safest year ever.

Matt Mulcahy
Senior Sergeant

Did you go to Frankston's Waterfront Festival?

What a fantastic weekend we had at Frankston's Waterfront Festival last weekend - both from the weather and crowd perspectives. This family friendly event - held on the Frankston foreshore, adjacent to the sand sculptures - included activities ranging from scuba diving, Latin dancing, and shooting hoops with the Melbourne Tigers, to paddle boarding, fairground rides and music. The event attracted quite a crowd - about 25,000 people attended the precinct at the weekend!

Acting Sergeant Ellis, Constable Mussared and Constable Vandenberg at the event at the weekend.

Acting Sergeant Steve Ellis, Constable Ben Vandenberg and Constable Catherine Mussared spent some time around the festival on Sunday and reported that there was very little for police to do other than enjoy the fantastic atmosphere, which is great news.

Did you go to the event on the weekend? We hope you enjoyed the fantastic atmosphere as much as we did!

Matt Mulcahy
Senior Sergeant

Monkey bikes - have your say

Mini bikes are an issue across our area, particularly during the Christmas period.

The Frankston Leader Community Newspaper has written about the issue. Click here to read the article.

Please remember, it is a breach of council by-laws to ride a motorised vehicle for recreational purposes anywhere in the Frankston area, with the exception of the Frankston Motorcycle Track.

If you would like to let us know your views, please post a comment here. I'll do my best to respond.

Matt Mulcahy
Senior Sergeant

Are you CampAware?

I'm happy to announce Mornington Peninsula police will join campers at the foreshore next week, to launch a new operation aimed at addressing theft and crime in camping areas.

Operation CampAware is a joint initiative we're working on with Mornington Peninsula Shire to make sure all residents and visitors have a safe and enjoyable summer and holiday season.

Crime Prevention Officer LSC Julie Simpson, Rosebud Station Commander S/Sgt Andrew Brockway and A/S/Sgt Steve McRae with STOP Team members Sgt Scott Bodycomb and S/C Jeremy Michau, Mornington Shire Mayor Lynn Bowden and Mornington Shire's Heath Gillett.

The operation will involve police foot and bicycle patrols, with the Mornington Peninsula STOP team also playing a major role by providing added patrols and liaison amongst campers.

If you're new to the blog, STOP stands for Social Tasking Operations and Patrol. Our STOP teams are two teams of police working across Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula, targeting the criminal and anti-social behaviour that impacts negatively on the community.

According to our Rosebud Crime Prevention Officer - Leading Senior Constable Julie Simpson - thieves often target bicycles, eskies, phones and other small personal items. She had this message for the blog:

Campers should be vigilant about keeping their belongings safe, and look after each other within the campground It's important to secure outside camping equipment, gas bottles, barbecues, trailers, spare tyres and bikes with good chains and locks. Keep your refrigerator or cooler inside your tent and - if you're outside - make sure you lock or secure these items at night.

Everyone is welcome to attend the launch of Operation CampAware on Friday 21 December. 

Operation CampAware will be launched at the Shire’s Foreshore Camping Office in Rosebud, near the end of Boneo Road, from 1pm on Friday 21 December. Everyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to come along.

For more information please contact the shire’s camping team on 5950 1011.

Matt Mulcahy
Senior Sergeant

BREAKING: Update from Acting Insp Mulcahy

Firstly, I would like to reassure the Mornington community that there has not been any abduction or attempted abduction in the Mornington area.

There has been some scuttlebutt around Benton Junior College, Mornington, that police are searching for a vehicle and its occupants because we are concerned about its involvement in the abduction of a child.

This is not the case. There has been no abduction or attempt at this school. We regularly receive information about vehicles behaving suspiciously, and in the majority of cases the vehicle and its occupants are going about their lawful business.

We did receive information about a vehicle behaving suspiciously in the area of Benton Junior College yesterday. Police have looked into the report. We have spoken to the owners and occupiers of the car.  I can assure you that there is nothing to link this vehicle to any offence of abduction or child stealing either in the past or present.  They had a legitimate reason to be in the area.

If you have any information about any suspicious vehicles or any other incident around your school, we are always happy to discuss it with you.  You can either call your local police or crime stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Matt Mulcahy
Acting Inspector

Almost $8000 raised for Movember

The Frankston Police Station Movember team have so far raised almost $8000 for men's health initiatives.

This is the second year Frankston Uniform has entered a team - and all fundraising has been without any form of fanfare, marketing, or corporate/business related sponsorship.

About 40 members from the Frankston Uniform Branch have achieved this outstanding result through low-key fundraising amongst family and friends.

I am very proud of our members achievements.

What do you think of their efforts?

Senior Sergeant Brett Coloe
Frankston Police Station

Schoolies on their best behaviour

Schoolies has been in the news recently – tragically, in Queensland, for all the wrong reasons. The Mornington Peninsula is also a popular destination for Schoolies and I have an update from Leading Senior Constable Teresa Baker (pictured, right), our local Youth Resource Officer, who is actively involved in policing this issue.

Fortunately, it’s good news. But, I’ll let her tell you.

The Mornington Peninsula is a popular 'chill out' area for many schoolies. Last Friday, school leavers - mainly from Melbourne’s northern and western suburbs - poured onto the Peninsula for their week-long stay. They’ll be replaced by another wave this weekend. 

In comparison to previous years, their behaviour has been remarkable. We have allocated additional police to the area to ensure a timely response to noisy parties and any incidence of unruly behaviour. That has helped contribute to the lack of public order issues we have seen.  

During the day, schoolies choose to chill out at the beach, and those who prefer to catch a few waves go to the Sorrento Ocean Beach. This beach has a lifeguard on patrol from 10am to 6pm for the duration of Schoolies (until December 10).  Police advise the young visitors to avoid going to other surf beaches on the Peninsula, as they are not lifeguarded and can be dangerous.

At night-time, the Conti Hotel in Sorrento has Schoolies gigs for those aged 18 years and older. However, buyer beware!  Promoters pre-sell tickets to these events, but it does not guarantee entry into the hotel if it has reached its licence capacity or if you are not fit to enter!!!

A huge thanks to the Red Frogs volunteers for supporting our schoolies this year.

The friendly but tired faces of our fantastic Red Frogs volunteers have been providing invaluable support to young people attending Schoolies here. That support includes driving schoolies home, giving out bottles of water on hot days, offering lollies (red frogs!), cooking midnight barbies and organising fun activities. By registering at the Red Frogs base at the Rye Sea Scout Hall, schoolies receive a show bag of discounted tourist activities, and a wrist band that grants them free bus travel on the Red Frog Schoolies bus. Local police encourage schoolies to meet the friendly ‘Froggies’ at their base, and certainly greet them whenever they are out and about. They are easily identified wearing their black t-shirts.

We wish all our schoolies good VCE results and success in their chosen careers!

 - L/S/C Baker

The culture of Schoolies locally has certainly changed in recent years. A partnership approach involving police, the Mornington Shire Council, Life Saving Victoria, the Department of Sustainability and Environment, Red Frogs and local businesses has created an environment where school-leavers can celebrate the end of their school years safely, without the place being turned into ‘party central’, to the disruption of local business and people preparing for their own festive seasons. We hope that next week’s Schoolies and those who come to visit the Peninsula have a great time, whilst treating each other and the local community with respect.

Matt Mulcahy
Senior Sergeant

White Ribbon Day

Sunday November 25 marked both the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and White Ribbon Day. To mark the occasion in our Division, a morning tea was held at the Frankston Police Station on Friday. Police members from both Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula joined our key referral partners and key stakeholders at the morning tea. Our Regional Commander, Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius, also attended and addressed the group. His message was very clear - violence against women in any form is never acceptable.

Our Divisional Commander - Superintendent Wayne Taylor - and Assistant Commissioner Cornelius were also able to announce that more resources are now available in Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula to help combat family violence. Dedicated Family Violence Units will specifically target recidivist offenders and victims to try and stop the cycle of violence in the home.

Frankston Police joined A/C Luke Cornelius and Supt Wayne Taylor in swearing the oath to stop violence against women, at the White Ribbon Day morning tea.
Key referral partners and stakeholders of Frankston and Mornington Peninsula Police were also in attendance.

You can help put a stop to violence against women - swear the oath and join the conversation. You can find out more about White Ribbon on their website here.

Michael Lamb
Senior Sergeant